10 Amazing Tips for Teenage Girls To lose Belly Fat : Weight Lose

3. Bunk Junk

Best Ways For Teenage Girls To Lose Weight - Bunk JunkI know, this is harsh too. Junk food always makes you gain bad and stubborn fat, which gets difficult to lose later. So, unless you bunk junk food, you cannot dream of losing weight. Here is how you can start:
  • If giving up everything seems impossible, choose one and trade the others for healthier options.
  • There is no problem if you cannot give up your popcorn. But, trade your cold drink with a bottle of flavored mineral water or plain water.
  • Replace chips with your favorite sandwich with roasted nuts.
  • If you crave for sweets, how about having more of fruits than ice cream? Low-fat frozen yogurt topped with fresh fruits can be equally tempting and satisfying.

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