7 Worst Foods Better To Avoid In This summer

It’s already May month summer is turning out to be hot as ever. There are many foods to harm in summer .So you need to avoid those foods for stay healthy in this summer. Here we are giving some few foods that are best to avoid during hot summer.

Junk Food

Junk food is one of the top foods to avoid summer. These foods contain lot of oil content and this makes your skin oily. This food also affected in your digestion system. Your body takes more time to digest this food. So it is better to avoid fried food during summer.


We all know that chapatti made with wheat flour and oil. This become difficult to digest because this generates certain amount of heat in our body this takes too much of time to digest. So it is better to avoid chapatti in summer.


Corn contain one type of carbohydrate that really difficult to our body to digest. This leads bacteria fermentation and trapped air and gas. So it is better to avoid corn in summer. Instead of that you may eat popcorn. It is better than corn.

Tea & Coffee

Tea and coffee both are generates heat in your body. So it is better to avoid these two drinks in summer to stay healthy. Instead of tea and coffee you can drink fruit juices, lemon water …


Mango is one of seasonal fruit in summer. But we know that we will wait whole year to taste it. Mangoes are also generates heat in our body. One mango is good but more than two upset your stomach and increase heat in your body. So it is better to eat limited mangoes ion summer


We all are known that potato fries are fat forming food and also oil content is high. This food is not good in summer so it is better to avoid this type of fat forming foods in summer.

Non Veg

It is better to avoid non veg in summer. Because these foods are rich in proteins and produce heat during digestion process. So it is better to avoid protein rich foods like egg, meat, crab and chicken. Not only non-veg some vegetables like mushrooms also high in proteins.

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