Amazing Foods For Boost Your Hemoglobin Levels

Hemoglobin is the protein which is found in red blood cells. We all know that hemoglobin is essential to our body. Low hemoglobin results in anemia. The symptoms of less hemoglobin are chest pain, fatigue, breath shortness, dizziness and head ache.

Hemoglobin depends the on the iron, folate and Vitamin B12 intake. So if you want to improve your hemoglobin levels you have to take the diet which gives these nutrients to your body. We have listed some of the foods which  helps you to boost your hemoglobin levels.


Seafoods like clam, oyster, and caviar are the rich sources of iron and vitamin B12. They can provide these nutrients to your body more than your daily requirement. Especially clams are the richest source of iron and vitamin B12 as 100grams of clams can give you 28mg of iron, 22.1 mg of Vitamin C, and 98.9 mcg of vitamin B12.


We all know that meat is the best source of iron. Especially red meat is the richest source of iron. Different types of meat like liver, ground beef and chicken breast can help you to boost your hemoglobin levels.Liver is the rich source of iron, vitamin B12 and folate. Ground beef without fat is also a rich source of iron as every 85 grams of ground beef gives 2.1 mg of iron. Chicken breasts can also give you a good amount of iron.

 Starches and Grains

Starches like rice bran, wheat bran are the rich sources of iron. 100 grams of brown rice gives you around 0.4 milligrams of iron and 100 grams of any whole grain contains around 2.5 milligrams of iron. There are different types of whole grains which includes barley, quinoa, and oatmeal.


Vegetables are also the rich source of hemoglobin. You must try seaweed to improve your hemoglobin levels.100 g of seaweed gives 28.5 mg of iron and 983mcg of folate.Beetroot and Potatoes are also rich source of iron and Vitamin C.100 grams of Broccoli contains 2.7 milligrams of iron. Broccoli contains not only iron but also nutrients like magnesium and Vitamin A and C.Spinach is the best veggie choice to improve hemoglobin levels as 100 grams of spinach contains 4 milligrams of iron.


Fruits can surely help you to improve hemoglobin levels as it contains Vitamin C. Vitamin C is needed nutrient to absorb iron. Fruits like Oranges, lemons, guavas, and litchis are rich sources of Vitamin C. Dried fruits also contain iron, they also provide essentials fibers and vitamins.Other fruits like apples, Pomegranate, Sun-dried Tomatoes, Persimmons, Mulberries, Currants, and Watermelon can also help you to boost your hemoglobin levels.


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