Best Anti Aging Smoothies To Look Younger  

Spinach smoothie

This smoothie is filled with carbs, proteins and vitamin E. Vitamin E helps to moisture your skin and also protects from harmful radical. Green leaves always contain healthy protein and fats. For this you need to do is take 1 cup of spinach and half ripe banana. Some walnuts and 1 spoon chia seeds. Put all ingredients into blender and garnish with spinach. Enjoy the smoothie.

Coconut water smoothie

Omega-3 helps to moisturizes your skin and make your skin hydrated. This smoothie is filled with omega-3 and provides you healthy glowing skin. Take one cup coconut water and one cup pine apple, mango. Also add chia seeds and blend all the ingredients well.  Serve chilled smoothie along with top up you like.

Blueberry smoothie

Vitamin C helps to improve cell growth and helps to regenerate some other vitamins like vitamin E. This smoothie is full of vitamin C. For this smoothie you need one cup of blueberries, strawberries and coconut water. Add one table spoon chai seeds and lemon juice. Blend all ingredients well and garnish with mint leaves because mint leaves also contains vitamin C.

Banana and almond flax seeds

This smoothie gives you full pack of nutritional benefits. Because banana, almonds and flax seeds contains Vitamins like A, B, C other anti ageing properties. Flax seeds are excellent for your skin to get rid of redness, irritation. To prepare this smoothie you need one banana and one spoon of almond butter. Take half cup of almond milk. Blend all ingredients and top up with honey and some almonds.

Cucumber Smoothie

This is the delicious and healthy smoothie to keep hydrate you skin and fight with signs of ageing. Also this smoothie is full of fiber and loaded with vitamins A and C. Take one medium chopped cucumber and 1 cup coconut water, half cup chopped papaya. Take all ingredients into blender and add lemon juice to it. Finally add some ice cubes to your smoothie. Enjoy the smoothie.

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