Best Fruits To Avoid Dehydration In This Summer

The temperature is increased about 40 degrees and even more sometimes. One of the main health problems faced by people in this season is dehydration. Here is the some best food which are cool your body and make you hydrated.


Cucumber is one of the best fruit you must in this hot summer. It works as a great for keeping you hydrated as because it is having lot of water content and can also quench your thirst. You can also keep few slices of cucumber soaked in water and make your own detox drink.


Tomatos are one of hte major fruit to make your body cool and hydrated. 93% of water in this cooling fruit. Few juicy and red slices thrown into your salad or just have them raw with a sprinkling of pepper and sea salt.


Lettuce is having rich in nutrition value. It is so much impressive with its antioxidant properties. These fresh, green leaves can be lightly sauteed or eaten raw and also you can make curry recipes with this Lettuce. You can even make a green juice.


Watermelon is very delicious and one of the best super foods in this summer. If You start your day with few juicy slices of watermelon that can keep you going through the day or have them between meals as a healthy snack. You should avoid taking anything with watermelon.

Musk Melon

Musk Melon is also one of the best superfood in this summer like watermelon. It is very tasty summer melon, these melons are refreshing your body and sweet in taste. And also make your body hydrated.   You can Musk melon slices as raw, sprinkle some over your breakfast cereal or even you take able to blend them into a quick shake with milk or yogurt. These are help tou to regulate your blood pressure because it having rich in potassium.

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