Best Nutritious Foods for Fast Hair Growth

Every women wants thick and long hair. But now a days it difficult to achieve long hair due to pollution and chemical food. There is no use what you apply costly products without eating nutrition food. Because nutritious food plays key role in hair growth and also prevent all hair problems.

Here we are specifying best nutritious food for fast hair growth.

Proteins Food

Our hair is made with Proteins, so it is very important to get enough proteins from our diet. Eggs are great source of proteins and minerals.  These can help to boost your hair growth and also repairs your damage hair. But you are thinking that which part in eggs is good for you. White of an egg is biggest source of proteins. Take egg and add 1 spoon of olive oil. Mix well and apply to your hair completely.  After 20 minutes wash with cool water. Remember that don’t wash your hair with hot water. Apply this mask twice in a week. This will helps to maintain oil balance of your scalp and nourish your roots, improving hair texture and promoting healthy hair growth.

Omega-3 fatty acids

These are play key role in body functionality. These are very important for maintain good health and strong hair. These are rich in fishes like salmon, herring and mackerel. By including these into your diet you will get healthy and strong hair. In another way there are many fish oil capsules, pills and liquid supplements that are easily available in the market. By using those you will see result in a couple of weeks.

Vitamin E

Nuts are tasty as well as tasty. These are helpful to improve your hair growth by providing 30 percent of your daily needed vitamin E and also many other vitamins like B, Zinc. Nuts not only helpful for improve your hair but also have many health benefits. You can add these nuts like almonds, pine nuts, pistas.


Zinc is one of the best mineral that can help to fasten your hair growth. Lack of zinc is one of the reasons for hair loss. Oysters are one best sources of zinc. So you can add oysters into your diet and improves your hair growth. Remember that too much consumption of zinc is not promoting your hair too much fast.

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