Don’t Ever Skip Your Breakfast

Breakfast is the important meal of the day. We should not skip breakfast. But in our busy schedules and “slim body” trend, is it possible to have a proper breakfast??….. Definitely the answer is no. Yeah, it is true that you can achieve slim body by skipping breakfast but it is only temporary. And it will spoil your health. Skipping breakfast will give you a lot of side effects. Following are the effects of skipping breakfast Continue Reading

Type-2 Diabetes

Skipping breakfast is the major cause for type-2 diabetes. According to a research is conducted on 46,289 women, who had the habit of skipping breakfast were at the risk of getting type-2 diabetes compared to others. The working women who had the habit of avoiding breakfast had 54% more chances of developing type-2 diabetes.

Heart problems

Skipping breakfast also leads to heart problems. The rate of risk is not that worrisome. But we should not take that easily as skipping breakfast can increase the chances of getting heart attack. According to a research, men who have skipped breakfast have 27% more chances of getting heart attack compared to others.

Skipping breakfast can also cause hypertension which leads to clogging of arteries. This may increase the risk of developing chronic cardiovascular health conditions including stroke.

Risk of cancer

According to a research a person who is overweight or obese has more chances of getting cancer. So, skipping breakfast can also increase the chances of developing cancer. Because skipping breakfast leads us to take more food in the day time, which in turn paves the way for increased prevalence of obesity.

Negative impact on mood and energy levels

Skipping breakfast kills your mood and brings down your energy levels. According to a research skipping breakfast can also effects your memory badly.

May cause Migraines

Skipping meals causes a massive decrease in sugar levels, in turn triggering the release of hormones. It is also increase the blood pressure levels which cause migraines and headaches. Skipping breakfast effects more as it is the first meal of the day you are consuming it after 12 hours. So don’t ever skip the breakfast if you want to stay away from headaches

Hair Loss

Skipping effects causes serious hair loss. A meal with low levels of protein could affect the levels of keratin which reduces the hair growth and start hair loss. Breakfast has a major role in promoting the growth of hair follicles.

Affects Metabolism

We should eat breakfast to make our day active. How can we do our work without having a morning meal?? as it is the first meal in the morning. According to a research people who eat breakfast have a higher level of resting metabolism.

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