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Today Counts

Attention: You require an iPhone 5S or iPhone6 for this application. It utilizes the M7 and M8 movement processor in the more up to date telephones. What are individuals saying? “Today Tallies keeps things straightforward. You should simply log your stride number objective and get strolling. Today Checks will envision your strides both on a meter and a symbol. The symbol will go from stout to fit as you close to your objective. The application uses Apple’s M7 and M8 movement coprocessors to effectively screen your progressions out of sight without squandering valuable battery power. It likewise matches up with Apple’s Wellbeing application.”

Aren’t you felt worn out on of abandoning your activity objectives, or neglecting to keep up a certain measure of movement ordinary? Try not to stress, its not your flaw, its your brain’s. Without an unmistakable prize structure set up, our cerebrum frequently surrenders too effortlessly if something is troublesome. That is the reason we made Today Checks, an application that can prepare your cerebrum to finish your action objectives ordinary. Imagine a scenario in which you could see you body change regular from activity. Imagine a scenario in which you really felt changed every time you hit your day by day objective. Do you think you would be persuaded to stay aware of your workout then?

Well now you can. Today Tallies utilizes the force of your iPhone 5s, 6 or 6 Or more’s movement sensor (M7 & M8) to track steps and presentation them utilizing the force of perception. Today Tallies is the main step counter that prepares your mind to achieve your wellness objectives through the force of representation.


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