Download 7 Best Paid iPhone Apps for Free Today Only

Web Explorer

The features are more in this application. It consists of web browser, Ad Remover, Power Downloader, Complete Webpage Saver, FTP Client …!!!


  • Super fast full screen, tabbed web browser.
  • Integrated text and web page translation.
  • Download web files and links.
  • Save full content web pages for offline use.
  • Central media player
  • FTP browser. FTP upload and download.
  • User Agent (Spoofing). By choosing Mac, Windows, iPhone, iPad or other options, you can request
  • Integrated text search.
  • File reader supports all major file formats.
  • Configurable Start Page.
  • Power download
  • ADBLOCKER for automatic ads removal.
  • Document interaction.
  • iTunes File Sharing with your PC/Mac.
  • Optimized for iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch.

Files that support this application are:

.xls,,,, .pdf, .ppt , .doc, .rtf,, .key, .numbers, .pages, .txt, .m, .h, .c, .js, .css, .cpp, .php ….

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