Excellent Foods To Control Diabetes

One of most common problem now a day’s people facing diabetes. People who are suffering from diabetes have the risk of heart diseases also. When these people are gone to market it is difficult what they buy.  It is really big task to know what the worst foods are and what best foods are. Don’t worry here we are giving some best foods to control your diabetes.


Don’t think that carrots are high in sugar content. Carrots are always best for all types of people along with diabetic patient. Because carrots are best source of beta-carotene. These are helpful to control sugar levels in our body. It is better adding carrots to your salads, breakfasts, snacks.


Eggs are another excellent food for diabetic patients because these are best source of high-quality proteins. Eggs are best food to feel full longer time. Consumption of egg daily not only helpful for diabetic people it also reduces the risk of art disease. An egg reduces inflammation and improves the insulin sensitivity. These factors in egg help to modify your bad cholesterol.


Turmeric has been used in many medicines. One study shows that curcumin helps to decrease the blood sugar levels and all other problems and infections also. Turmeric contains anti-inflammatory nature which helps to improving digestion and liver functions.


If you can add nuts to your daily diet you may reduce the risk of inflammation and blood sugar levels. Because all nuts contains high in fiber, proteins and low in digestible carbs. It is better to add nuts to your daily diet. If you don’t like soups you can add roasted nuts to your soup these are give an extra taste to your soup.

Leafy Greens

We all are known that leafy greens are low in calories and high in vitamins and minerals. Spinach and kala and chard all are nutrient foods.  These are also help to reduce heart diseases and improve your eye sight. It is best to add these ingredients to your breakfast, salads.

Chai seeds

These are the best food for people with diabetes. These are rich in fiber and low in digestible carbs. These seeds help to control blood sugar levels and also improve your weigh in a healthy way. Chai seeds make you feel full as longer time.

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