Guava Leaves for Health and Hair

Natural remedies are always best not only cheap but also work in a great way. Guava leaves have the ability to stop hair loss and gives you healthy hair. Because guava leaves are powerhouses of nutrients like guava fruits. Like guava fruit leaves also contain vitamin B and C. which can help to boost your hair growth.

Benefits for health

  1. Guava leaves helps to give relief from itching.
  2. Guava leaves helps to protect your skin from ageing and prevent damage skin.
  3. If you are suffering from allergies guava leaves are the best for blocking all allergies.
  4. Guava leaves are natural remedy for dengue fever.
  5. If you want to reduce your cholesterol level guava leaves tea is best.
  6. Are you irritating with black heads guava leaves are best remedy, guava leaves paste acts as a natural remedy for black heads.

Guava leaves for hair


  1. Some guava leaves
  2. Some water.


Take some guava leaves into a bowl and add some water. Let it boil for half an hour .separate leaves and water. Let it cool the water. Clean your hair with shampoo after drying applies prepared water to your entire scalp and roots.  Leave it for more than 1 hour and wash your hair with lukewarm water. Apply this mask twice or thrice in week for better result. This is not only repair damaged hair but also gives you a shiny hair.

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