How to Do a Facial Massage at Home

How to do a facial massage at home follow these simple tips to you get glow skin. The best way to pamper our self is to have a massage. Especially facial massage can makes you feel fresh, stress-free. Not only this, facial massage can do wonders for your skin. Facial massage can remove dirt, excess oil and dead cells. Facial massage can make your skin very clean, attractive, and radiant.

Generally prefer salons or spas to get a massage. Salons and spas are very costly. And we can’t go for the spa or salon all the time. So now the question is what to do to have a facial massage in low cost. The answer is you can have a facial massage at home. It can save your money and time. But you to know some basic steps to have a salon style massage at home.


  1. Massage Cream
  2. Make up remover
  3. Skin moisturizer
  4. Eye cream
  5. Face Scrub
  6. Face pack
  7. Toner
  8. Sponge
  9. Cotton
  10. Cold water
  11. Medium sized bowl


You need some preparation before going for the actual massage.

1.First you need remove your make up. To remove your make up take a few drops of good quality cleanser or baby oil with cotton. And apply this cleanser all over your face till the makeup comes off. And now wash your face with cold water.

2.Now take a good quality cleanser. Take some amount of cleanser on to your palm. Rub your palms gently and apply it all over the face. Choose the products which suit your skin tone.

3.Don’t use much pressure while massaging with a cleanser.

4.Now take a sponge, and dip it in water. Use this to wipe it off the cleanser.

5.Now you have to do some facial scrubbing. Take generous amounts of the exfoliator and scrub your face. Concentrate on nose and chin area.

Steps for the massage

Now you can have the massage. Follow these steps for the massage.

  1. After scrubbing you need to use massage cream. Take some amount of massaging cream on to your palms. Now rub your palms together to make the cream a little warm.
  2. Now apply this to your face by starting with the chin area and you’re your way up. Once you done with this, you can start the actual massage. Start your massage from the throat area. Gently massage your face in an upward direction by using both the hands.
  3. Now go the middle of the upper lip area. Massage and stretch down till your lips make a sad face.
  4. Now place your fingers near the nose area and massage your cheeks the way to the ears.
  5. Now keep your fingers around the eyes and stretch the corner of both the eyes in upward direction.
  6. Then close your eyelids with the thumb. And relax for few seconds.
  7. Bye now almost the cream must have been absorbed into the skin. Now you have to remove all the extra cream from your face by using a sponge.


You need to keep in mind these things while you are getting a facial massage at home.

  • We are doing the massage for the face, so it is not a joke. Your hands must be clean. Select a good hand wash to remove all the dirt. Use a sanitizer too.
  • And another important thing is you need to select the products which suit your skin. If you neglect this, you skin texture will get spoiled.
  • The third thing to remember is wash your face with cold water before going for the massage. You can also use ice instead of cold water.

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