How to Do French Manicure at Home

How to do french manicure at home generally we neglect to take care of our hands and nails by giving importance to other parts. But you have to pay attention for the hands and nails also. Manicure is also a part of self pampering. Hands and nails also can add beauty to you and it makes you look trendy. Generally we prefer salons to get a manicure. But it is not possible all the time. And we have to spend lot of money. Don’t worry you can also have this French manicure at home. We will teach you how to do a French manicure at home. Go through the article……

Requirements for the French manicure

  •    Top coat
  •    Base coat
  •    White nail polish
  •   Soft baby pink nail polish
  •   A bowl of warm water
  •    A towel

Steps for the French manicure

Prepare Your Nails

Take a bowl and fill it up with warm water. Soak your hands in it for a minute or more. This helps you to get rid of all the oils from your skin. And it can help you to get rid of dry skin. This makes your manicure stays on a lot longer.

Apply a base coat

This is the important step in any manicure. Once you are done with first step, let your hands dry for some time. Then apply this base coat. Now leave it for some time until it dries.

Do your nail tips

Now you have to do your nail tips. Take a white nail polish for this. Place your finger on a flat surface, tilt it to the side. Take nail polish with the nail brush. Now push the brush where you need your French tip to start and pull it over. Now you have to connect it to the other side of the tip. Place the brush on the other side and repeat the above procedure. This will gives you smooth and even line. Clean the excess nail polish and leave your nails to dry.

Apply the top nail polish

Take a baby pink nail polish and apply it on your nails uniformly. This nail shade will blend all the colors together. This will give a more natural look to your nails.

Apply a top coat

This is the final touch. Take a transparent nail polish. Apply it on your nails. This will seal and set your nail. Let it be dry for some time. Then apply cuticle oil for hydration.


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