Natural tips to keep your lips beautiful

For an attractive face lips also plays a key role. But now a day due to the pollution and some cosmetics our lips became black and dull. So by following these simple and natural tips for beautiful and luscious look.

Drink more water

By drinking more water you can hydrate you body and lips too. Because water percentage in our body effects on our skin and lips. So if you maintain your body hydrated you will get naturally pink color lips.

Remove dead cells


Dead cells also one of the reasons for dull lips you can remove dead cells from your lips you may get soft and pink color lips. For this you can take pinch of sugar and some olive oil drops into a bowl. Mix it well and apply this mixture into your lips. Smoothly scrub on your lips with this mixture and wash with cold water. This is one of the best remedy to remove dead cells and gives you pink luscious lips.

Avoid coffee and tea

It is better to avoid coffee and tea. Because the components in tea and coffee change your lips color from pink to black.

Apply ghee or butter

By applying ghee or butter to your lips before going to bed you will get healthy lips. Because these are provides natural protection to your lips.

Apply juices

Juices are always best for our health. You can apply cucumber or pomegranate juices on your lips you will get beautiful and glowing lips.

Avoid dark colors

It is better to avoid dark color lipsticks. Because dark colors snatch pinkish thing from your lips. So it is better to avoid dark colored lipsticks.

Rose petals

We all are known that rose petals are best for beautiful lips. Take some rose petals and make paste add milk to it and apply this paste to your lips after 10 minutes wash your lips with lukewarm water.

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