Precautions to beat summer heat 

Sudden temperature increase may affect your body especially with lower to higher group. If you follow some important tips then it will easy to beat this summer. Here is the few important tips to beat this summer

Reschedule Outings

If you have any work in the afternoon sessions, it’s better to avoid the afternoon hours because at that time peak temeperature occured. Either move out early in the morning or take the schedule after the sun set. At that time your body unable to control the heat of the weather. You can come outside in the morning hours at that time vitamin D is coming from sun light your skin layor is able to absorb ii is good for your body. And also you can enjoy sun lights from seaside.

Drinking fluids

In this summer you have to maintain your body hydrated. Any type of non caffeine and non alcoholic drink will be better for health during the hot summer. Your body’s water level will be decreased in the form of sweat which needs to be filled with water.You have to drink at least eight glasses of water in the summer days to make your body hydrated. You can able to take these liquid in the form of natural fruits such as lemons, orange, pine apple, watermelon are helpful to replenish lost water within your body. If you want to get something new, get a juicer and enjoy different types of fruit drinks during the hot summer season.

Sodium and potassium

During this hot summer, your body must want to two very important minerals necessary such as sodium and potassium.  You can able to get Sodium from salt you consume daily in your diet. And can get potassium from spanish and banana These are the rich source for potassium. You can consume these minerals from your daily meals during the summer in order to stay hydrated during this summer. Baked potatoes are also help to stay healthy in this summer season.

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