These are the Best Dinner Foods to Loss Your Weight.


1. Peppers:

Let the stir-fry ready. Fruits and veggies are super colorful, but that’s not just so they can look beautiful. It’s also a sign that they deliver a big punch of nutrition—and weight-loss potential. In a study in BMJ in 2016, researchers looked at how plant compounds called flavonoids influence weight loss. Over a four-year period, eating flavonoid-packed fruits and veggies (peppers were one that researchers specifically called out) was linked to weight loss. That’s possibly because these powerful plant compounds may help you eat fewer calories and improve blood sugar function. When you’re thinking of a quick dinner, go for one packed with peppers. Try this tried-and-true stir-fry formula for a tasty and healthy dinner every time. Or make stuffed peppers for a satisfying portion-controlled meal.

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