These are the Best Dinner Foods to Loss Your Weight.


2. Beans:

Think of beans as the magical fruit—because they can help you slim down. It’s all about fiber. Most people fall short on their fiber intake, consuming just 16 grams per day. (Women should aim for 25 grams.) But when dieters upped their intake to 28 grams a day by eating either fruits and veggies or beans, they ate 300 fewer calories but felt less hungry, and lost about 3.5 pounds over a four-week period, per research from the Medical University of South Carolina. Another study, published in Food & Nutrition Research, looked at eating bean or meat dishes of equal calories. The bean-based meals helped people feeler fuller, and they ate as much as 13 percent less. This Black Bean, Mango & Kale Wheat Berry Salad is the perfect meal to fill you up.

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