Top 20 Proven Ways To Lose Water Weight Quickly

14. Take Electrolytes

Electrolytes are basically minerals or salts that help maintain fluid balance in the body. Too less or too much of electrolytes in the body can cause water weight gain. If you workout, make a homemade electrolyte solution by dissolving one teaspoon of sugar and a pinch of salt in 500 mL of water. Avoid consuming foods that are too salty or sugary.

15. Dandelion Supplement Is A Must

How To Lose Water Weight - Dandelion Supplement Is A Must

These days, dandelion supplement is very popular among bodybuilders for aesthetic purposes. Dandelion herb has been used for ages to get rid of excess water in the body. It works by stimulating the kidneys to get rid of excess water along with excess salt. So, take a dandelion supplement to reduce water weight.


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