Top 20 Reasons Why You Are Not Losing Weight


18. You Are Not Getting Enough Sleep

Not sleeping for at least 7 hours can lead to weight gain. Your brain is constantly working, and it needs to rest to orchestrate the body functions. Plus, if you are working out, your muscles are undergoing wear and tear. They get repaired when you rest and sleep. Not sleeping enough, therefore, can lead to muscle fatigue, slowed down reflexes, hormonal imbalance, and weight gain. Have your dinner by 7-7:30 pm and sleep by 10-10:30 pm. This will keep you from staying up late and late night snacking. Moreover, you will wake up early and have the time to meditate, workout, and prepare your breakfast.

19. You Are Too Strict With Your Diet

You Are Too Strict With Your Diet

Your weight loss will plateau if you are too strict with your diet. You should enjoy one cheat day every week to prevent your weight loss from plateauing. On this day, consume 500 calories more than your diet days. Make sure not to exceed this limit. This way, your body will keep guessing what comes next, and your metabolism will remain active.