Top 20 Reasons Why You Are Not Losing Weight


12. Avoiding Fat

You need to consume healthy fats if you want to get rid of the fat. Healthy fats contain omega-3 fatty acids that help reduce inflammation, thereby preventing inflammation-induced weight gain. Fats are also required to maintain the cell structure and function. Consume almonds, walnuts, macadamia nuts, pistachios, olive oil, rice bran oil, flaxseeds, flaxseed butter, chia seeds, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, sunflower seed butter, peanut butter, and clarified butter (ghee). But make sure to control the quantity as overconsumption of healthy fats can also lead to weight gain.

13. You Still Haven’t Cut Down Your Sugar/Carb Intake

You Still Haven’t Cut Down Your Sugar Carb Intake

Sometimes, we consume foods without knowing that they contain sugar or carbs in high amounts. Check the labels for HFCS and added flavoring agents. Sauces and ketchups contain a truckload of sugar and carbs, so avoid them. Buy plain breakfast cereal, avoid salted or sugar coated nuts, and do not consume too many multigrain biscuits.