Weight Loss Secrets – Diet & Workout Plan

Weight Loss Workout Plan

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weight loss hits the gym twice a day to shed fat, build lean muscle mass and strength. She trains under the guidance of celebrity fitness trainer Yasmin Karachiwala, and her workout regimen includes:

  • Cardio
  • Weight training
  • Functional training
  • Hot yoga
  • Spinning
  • Swimming or playing tennis

This mix of exercise types keeps her motivated and engaged because like most of you, Sonakshi also hates going to the gym or working out at all. So, if you want to join a gym, make sure your trainer gives you a workout regimen that works best for you. If you want to try out different exercise types, like Sonakshi, tell that to your trainer. Also if you only like cardio or weight training, you can voice your opinion. This will help your trainer to design a customized exercise plan to help you shed the fat sooner than you know.

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