Worst Foods for Diabetic people

Diabetic patient requires daily maintenance including exercises, healthy food and maintain blood sugar levels. It is more important that you should eat correct food, if you consume wrong food automatically your blood sugar levels and insulin levels and promote inflammation, which may increase your risk of disease. So think twice before you can eat.

Here are some worst foods better to avoid that people with diabetes

French Fries

It is not that you don’t eat potatoes. Here we are considering that how they prepare and how much we can consume. Fried foods are fatty foods it is not good for people with diabetics. This food will increase your blood sugar levels and also increase the risk of heart diseases.-


We already aware of soda aren’t good for diabetic people.  Because average can of soda contains 15 to 18 spoons of sugar and more calories. So drinking of soda adds additional risks to you. Also increases the heart problems.

Cakes and desserts

Cakes and desserts are made with primarily of processed sugar. These are low quality carbohydrates. These foods are lack of nutritional values and also helpful to increase your body weight this leads to extra problems.

Fruit Juices

Drinking fruit juices are good habit and fruits contain fiber. But when it contains people with diabetic people it is better to avoid because fruit juices have high amount of sugar and boost your sugar levels. Instead of this it is better to a piece of fruit because juices don’t give fully feeling longer time.

White rice and bread

We all are known that eating rice and bread leads to increase blood sugar levels. Because this foods are high in carbs and they will increase the glucose levels in your body. White bread and pasta are made with white flour. So these foods are not good diabetic people.

Fast Foods

Fast foods are not good for all people especially diabetic people. One study says that people who eat fast foods more than once in week developed the insulin resistance at twice the rate than people who don’t eat fast foods. So it is better to avoid fast foods.

Mixed Coffee drinks

These are filled with tempting creams and chocolate sauces.  One chocolate coffee easily contains 10 spoons of sugar. If you want to decrease the risks of heart deceases it is better to avoid coffee creamers and chocolate sauces.

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