Yoga Poses To Get Rid Of Leg Muscle Pain

Body pains are the most facing problem these days. Our hectic schedule leaves us in aches, pains and muscle cramps, especially in our legs.

Generally, we use OTC medications including sprays, gels and edible medications to get of pains. They can give only temporary relief and if you use this medication for very long term, your health may get affected.

Now the question is how to get rid of this problem. Don’t worry, yoga can give Yoga can give you long term relief from pain in the legs and other parts of the body as well. Yoga can also make you fit and healthy.

Try these yoga poses to get of leg muscle pain….

The Zen Posture

Zen posture is one of the easy yoga postures which help you to reduce leg muscle pain. This can facilitate blood circulation in the legs and thus diminishes muscle cramps gradually. It can also make your spine stronger.

How To Do It

  • First, sit down on the floor cross-legged.
  • Now place your hands on the thighs or close to the abdomen.
  • Make sure that your back and head remain erect and straight.
  • Be in this posture for some time and then try breathing in a relaxed manner.

Shoulder Stand Posture

This yoga posture relieves leg muscle cramps, and at the same time, soothes other muscles in the human body. This pose eventually stimulates blood supply to the heart and eases leg tension. How to do it

  • First, lie on the back and then lift both your legs together.
  • Try to lift the legs till the lower body weight is shifts on to the shoulders, neck and head.
  • Stay in this position for some time and then lie down to the sleeping position slowly.

The Corpse Pose

This is the most simple and useful yoga posture to cure leg muscle pain.

  • Just simply lie on the floor or bed with arms and legs normally spread apart.
  • Just relax don’t think about anything while doing this.
  • This can give relaxation to your entire body.

The Sphinx Pose

This will work on your back and helps ease tension in the leg muscles to a great extent.

  • For this first, you need to lie down on your stomach. You need to lie down on your stomach. Keep your elbows on the ground in resting position.
  • Now, put apply on the palms that are stretched forward, and also on the upper part of the feet.
  • Now raise your head and keep breathing.
  • Be in this position for some time and then lie down. Relax.

Legs Up The Wall

This is the simple yoga pose for leg muscle pain relief. This posture relaxes your back and leg muscles. You can do it either on the floor (with yoga mat) or on the bed.

  • First, lie on the floor, with your buttocks touching the base of the wall.
  • Now lift your legs upwards so that they are perpendicular to the floor.
  • And now stretch your arms side ward or upwards according to your comfort.

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